Rainbow International is the UK’s leading provider of domestic and commercial cleaning services, and includes a series of bacterial and viral control systems within its portfolio of products and services.

Wherever bacterial and viral infections can breed and cause serious health issues, Rainbow’s advanced technology systems can help to eradicate the problems.

Air Management, steam cleaning and odour control systems, which can sterilise the air and remove 99.9% of airbourne pathogens are complimented by surface antimicrobial products for use on all surfaces and high touch areas (e.g door handles, telephones,desktops, computers etc).

Steam cleaning and controlled, off-site ozone chambers complete the options for deep cleaning any public, or private areas subject to microbiological attack.

Bacterial and Viral Control

Air Management Systems

Air Manager™ unit which contains a forced ozone chamber that achieves a 99.9% kill of all airbourne pathogens.

  • High efficiency single speed fan can deliver up to 60,000 cu ft/hr (1,620 cu m/hr)
  • Directed exhaust vents to give accurate directional airflow
  • Simple to install, no disruption to users premises
  • Runs on normal electricity supply
  • Completely safe to use in occupied establishments 
  • Environmentally friendly

Surface Treatments

Formula 429 is an antimicrobial liquid for surface decontamination.

  • Recent winner of NHS infection control trials through Smart Solutions for Healthcare Acquired Infection Control
  • Contains 4 biocides and a polymer backbone which offers ongoing residual efficiency
  • Active and effective on all surfaces
  • HANDS tested to EN1500 with 30min to 16 hours control. Out performs leading alcohol and triclosan brands
  • Can be used as surface wipe or with Air Fogger offering complete fabric of the room decontamination

Steam Cleaning

All branches of Rainbow International provide steam cleaning facilities to high temperature reducing pathogen counts in all areas cleaned.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Another option in the cleaning process, this unique technology uses the process of cavitation to gently wash away dirt from any household or commercial contents,
helping to sanitise in the process.

Ozone Chambers

Many Rainbow International branches have an ozone chamber and other facilities where certain items can
be cleaned and sterilised.

Rainbow’s unique deep cleaning systems help to provide infection control for a wide range of public services and commercial organisations.

Education Establishments
Schools, Universities, Colleges and Nurseries

Bacterial and Viral Control
Bacterial and Viral Control

Health Premises

Hospitals, Walk-in Centres, Dental and Veterinary Surgeries, Care and Nursing

Commercial Institutions
Food Preparation and Processing Facilities, Factories, Offices and Call Centres

Bacterial and Viral Control

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Are you struggling to keep your premises clean enough to meet the demanding need of your customers? Have our commercial cleaning specialists ensure complete cleanup of your premises.

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