Not just your health and hygiene but keeping your premises and the surrounding area clean and well maintained promotes a positive image to the staff, visitors and customers. It also and saves a considerable amount of your investment by prolonging the life of your fittings. Like in our other cleaning and restoration services, we provide a professional office cleaning London services for small, medium and large businesses.

We know that it can be difficult to manage a large office where work is carried out on a daily basis. At some point, the regular janitorial staff may find it challenging to clean some parts of the office. This may be due to the lack of experience and equipment to perform a thorough cleaning. In such large areas, consistent cleaning is necessary to sustain the environment and the image of your business.

Tailored Service For Office Cleaning in London

We understand that when it comes to commercial cleaning, the ‘one size fits all’ approach is not applicable. Every business has its premise designed and constructed in its way and thus, requires a unique way to perform cleaning and maintenance work. Unlike other cleaning services in the UK, We at Rainbow International tend to help businesses sustain their true image. This is why our office cleaning London service has a unique approach to every client. We differentiate our work by the following features.

1. Our People Are Skilled And Experienced

We employ the individuals who have ample experience in commercial office cleaning projects as well as in providing professional janitorial services. Our cleaning staffs are qualified and certified to perform the job with utmost safety. We believe that our human resource is the main asset of our business and that investing in the workforce can result in happier clients.

2. We Work For Your Satisfaction

Our cleaning experts work tirelessly throughout the week to ensure all your commercial cleaning needs are met. Every cleaning project is carefully managed by our experienced project managers, and complete client satisfaction is ensured through a transparent and efficient system. From the start till finish, we follow a special procedure which includes the assessment, survey and cleaning action. This ensures that all your cleaning needs are met, and nothing goes off the radar.

3. We Use Industry Best Practice

We walk along with the industry and induce the latest best practice. We adopt new technologies, equipment, management process and technical expertise. We regularly train our specialists on latest methodologies that make the job more efficient, faster and safer.

4. Comprehensive Portfolio

Rainbow International provides a huge portfolio of commercial cleaning services as well as restoration work. Our clientele is based on all types of businesses, including health, education, offices, retail outlets, leisure facilities, restaurants, hotels, warehouses and nursing homes. We also provide commercial office cleaning services to organisations including builders, letting agents, local authorities, utility companies and facility management institutions.

5. Accreditations & Memberships

Rainbow International holds a good reputation for its office cleaning London services. We place great emphasis on promoting the highest standard of services. We do this by ensuring access to latest industry bodies through membership. We frequently take part in industry seminars, events and campaigns to contribute on the higher level of industry. We are accredited by some of the most major bodies working both nationally and internationally. Learn more about our accreditations here.

 Professional Office Cleaning Cost

Most commercial cleaning companies will quote a fixed rate per square feet of the premises. However, we at Rainbow International quote according to the requirements of our clients. Our 24/7 staff can provide you with accurate information, with the guarantee of the best rate. Call our helpline to get a free quote.

With Rainbow International, you can be confident about the cleanliness of your business premises. If you own a business in London and looking for professional cleaning companies, Rainbow International can deliver an exceptional commercial office cleaning service. Here are some reasons why you should choose Rainbow International.

Benefits with Rainbow International

  • 24/7 Emergency Cleaning and Restoration work
  • Leading restoration and cleaning services in the UK
  • Most competitive rates
  • Wide network of branches in the UK
  • Onsite within 3 hours
  • Highly trained and professional Staff

Get in touch with us by calling on 01375 888350. Our helpful staff is available round the clock to answer any queries related to cleaning and restoration work.

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